Workshop on “ Visionary Leadership ”

A one day workshop was conducted on 29.01.2019 , for the Principals on “VISIONARY LEADERSHIP”. This workshop was our response to the challenges that the schools run into in this current scenario. Since the role of the principal, as the institutional head, has a defining impact , it is important that we, invest in preparing principals to lead by example, in taking the entire school community, to its appreciated purpose. Enhancement and Enrichment of Planning cum Administration was the main focus of the Workshop Training & Empowerment was the focus area. Participants of this program were not only benefited by way of personal and professional development, they were, more prominently, gained the expertise to be able to transmit this benefit over to institutions they lead. Mrs.Shanthi Krishnamurthy,Director – Academics and Administration, Chinmaya International Residential School & Director-Central Chinmaya Education Cell was the keynote speaker.