EPC Programme

EPC Programme
Enhancing Professional Capacities Workshop Programme was conducted in our Vidhya Sagar Women’s College of Education on 22.10.2019 to 25.10.2019. The Chief Guest of this programme was Dr. Prakash, CEO of Saraswathi Softskills Academy. Dr. M. Brindhamani Principal Rendered the Welcome address. Dr. K. Marisamy Empowerment Principal honored the chief guest with a Shawl.
This programme was organized a s a workshop
To equip with intellectual tendencies.
To acquire opportunities for various kinds of skills and
To generate the desire for service than for personal gain.
To generate its own standards.
To provide opportunities for regular and systematic
promotion during the period of service.
To posses strong professional organization behind it.
To acquire training.

On 22.10.2019 Dr. Prakash emphasized on “Effective Communication Skill”. He conducted practical session related to Effective Communication Skill through asking the students to write the meanings of some important words. In the afternoon the practical test continued through making the students to write opposites for the words which he dictated.
On 23.10.2019 Dr. Prakash orie nted on “Soft Skills”. In practical session he asked the students to write letters for various situations . In the afternoon session he emphasized on Listening Skills.
On 24.10.2019 Dr.Prakash’s Sessions was about Inter Personnel Communication & Inter Communication. In the afternoon session, he conducted practical session on Presentation & Public Speaking Skills. He also explained about Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence.
On 25.10.2019 morning session was fully on Psychological Aspects of Learning. Dr. Prakash explained about Motivation, Personality Development, Tools . In the Afternoon session Valedictory function was conducted. Our student Teachers gave feedback on the EPC programme. Our chief guest was honored with Momento. Prizes were distributed to the participants. Our student representative proposed the Vote of Thanks. The programme ended with National Anthem.