Bridge Course Programme

The Bridge Course offers a conducive environment in bridging the gap of what student teachers are and what student teachers should be and acts as a University-Preparation course. It is a means of preparing the students for the intellectual challenges. On 04.09.2019 morning the first session was conducted on the topic “Moral Values and Character Building”. Dr. M. Saraswathy, Assistant Professor, lead the session. In that session she explained about various types of values such as Spiritual Values, Social Values, Moral Values etc. She added that values forms the foundation for the character building. She also gave some tips to develop Good Character.
The Second Session was conducted on 06.09.2019 morning on the topic “Stress Management”. Mrs. T. Malarkodi, Assistant Professor was the keynote speaker. She explained the ways in which stress is acquired by people, the methods of through which we can reduce stress, the techniques which can be used to Manage the Stress. She also gave some tips which we can use in the classroom environment to reduce the stress among the students.
On 09.09.2019 Mrs. A. Radha, Assistant Professor. The Bridge Course session on “Time Management”. In that session Mrs. Radha told about how to be punctual, how we can manage the time, things we have to follow for Time Management. She explained the ways to organize and plan how long students spend on specific activities. She specified that it may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate precious time to learning about time management, instead of using it to get on with the work, but the benefits are enormous: Greater productivity and efficiency.